Step by step process

  1. Disconnect the car battery (this is just a precautionary measure that you can skip).
  2. Remove the instrument cluster.
  3. Pull the instrument cluster out and remove the dash plug from the socket.
  4. Insert the FEMALE connector first. Then the MALE one. 
* Don’t rush this process. Be very careful with all the trim and plastic parts.


The instrument panel does not light up after installation. 
Please, try reconnecting the device the other way around (both male and female connectors). 
What is the combination to activate the device? 
Most of the devices are activated upon install. Please, try to take a test drive before trying to enter a combination. If you took a test drive and the device doesn’t seem to work, please refer to the product page to find an activation combo.  
I don't understand if the device is on or off. I enter a combination of buttons, but nothing happens, the hazard light doesn't blink. 
Unfortunately, on some vehicles, the hazard signal does not work. Please try entering a combination a test drive.  
After installation, a check engine light appeared. 
It can happen sometimes on some models. Generally, it’s a glitch. As a rule of thumb, a check engine light will go away after a while or after five successive engine ignitions.