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Porsche Immobilizer

  • $299.00

CAN bus protocol Immobilizer security system for Porsche. 

CAN Immobiliser is a security system for preventing car thievery and hijacking. The device is connected to the vehicle’s power supply and two of its digital CAN buses. For regular operation, the device needs to be connected to one CAN bus only. However, if we want to use additional features, which we will talk about later on, then we need to connect a second CAN bus as well.

When the engine is blocked by the means of bypassing the car’s sensors, its Engine Control Unit will inevitably result in an error on the instrument cluster. Such errors tend to accumulate, and they get exposed to the official service providers. While blocking the engine over the CAN bus does not cause any errors.

To deactivate the security system, enter a special code using standard buttons located on the steering wheel (CRUISE CONTROL button / BC button). Otherwise, the engine is blocked by a signal sent over the CAN bus. The default (factory) PIN code is 112.

A successful PIN code entry is indicated by a flashing of the hazard lights on the instrument cluster.

Data sheet
InstalationRequires a skilled car technician
Connection PointCAN bus. Concealed.