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BMW G-body (All models)

  • $219.00

Mileage Stopper for BMW G-body (all models)

This device is used to stop the odometer counter by directly blocking the mileage data from reaching the odometer. Works as CAN (Controller Area Network) module that is installed behind the dashboard.

Installation. The device is installed behind the dashboard by connecting it to the CAN plug of the dashboard on one end and the car cable on the other. Installation does not require any soldering or wire cutting and it can usually be done in 30 minutes. 

Activation. The device comes pre-activated (program 1 is pre-activated by default, see "Programs" below). The activation and deactivation of the mileage filter are done using the standard buttons found on the steering wheel. This way, you can quickly and easily manage the mileage blocker by yourself when you need it. The device is activated by pressing a single button on the steering wheel. Activation is confirmed by flashing the hazard light.  No need to reset. Once activated the device just works every time you start the engine. It can be activated and deactivated anytime-either parked or on the road.

Programs. To switch a mode, press and hold the "BC" button on the left lever for 10 seconds. Programs are switched successively. Program switching is confirmed by the flashing of a hazard light. The speedometer works according to the selected program. 

Known issues. Cruise control and all other assistance systems work accordingly. No error messages are displayed on the dashboard. After the uninstallation, the mileage stays the same.

Data sheet
Activation / ControlPush and hold "BC" button 10 sec.
Speedometer IndicatorDepends on dashboard
Oil ChangeStopped
Connection PointBehind the dashboard
Series 3G20, G80 (M Sport)
Series 4G22
Series 5G30, G31, F90 (M Sport)
Series 6G32 (GT)
Series 7G10, G11
Series 8
G15, G16
X5G05, F95 (M Sport)
X6G06, F96 (M Sport
Program Dashboard Model Speedometer Performance
1 * 6WA, 6WBSpeedometer works normally / Mileage is filtered completely.
2 * 6WA, 6WBSpeedometer works normally / Mileage is filtered at 90%
(e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 10).
3S6U3ASpeedometer works at 50% (e.g. 100 MPH will become 50) / Mileage is filtered at 50% (e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 50).
4S6U3A Speedometer works at 25% (e.g. 100 MPH will become 25) / Mileage is filtered at 75% (e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 25).
5S6U3A Speedometer works at 10% (e.g. 100 MPH will become 10) / Mileage is filtered at 90% (e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 10).
Turn OFF

 * NOTE: This mode only works with vehicles that were not updated with 2019 ECU firmware!  

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