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BMW F-Series Mileage Filter

  • $199.00

Mileage Filter for BMW F-body (all models). This device is used to stop the odometer counter by directly blocking the mileage data from reaching the odometer. Works as CAN (Controller Area Network) module that is installed behind the dashboard.

INSTALLATION. The installation does not require cutting or soldering of cables. Dismount the odometer, disconnect it and attach the mileage freezer with the original plug connector.

ACTIVATION. The device is activated immediately after installing the device (Mode 1 is activated by default, see below). The device always maintains the last applied settings. You don’t have to activate or change the settings every time you start the car. The device can be activated or deactivated, either on the road or on the parking lot.NOTE: If you performed a test-drive and the device doesn’t seem to work, please switch a mode (see below).

MODES. To switch a mode, press and hold the "BC" button on the left for 10 seconds. Operating modes (or programs):

In-House Research & Design. We conduct all the necessary research, design, and manufacturing ourselves. We use premium components and original connectors to ensure the best compatibility with your vehicle.

Data sheet
Speedometer IndicatorDepends on the dashboard (see "Programs" section)
Oil ChangeStopped
Control"BC" button. Press and hold for 5 seconds.
Series 1F20, F21
Series 2
F22, F23, F45 (Active Tourer), F46 (Grand Tourer), F87
Series 3F30, F31 (Touring), F34 (3GT), F35, F80
Series 4F32 (Coupe), F33, F36 (Gran Coupe), F82, F83, F84
Series 5F10, F11 (Touring), F18, F07 (5GT)
Series 6F12, F13, F06 (Gran Coupe)
Series 7F01, F02, F03, F04
X1F48, F49
X5F15, F85 (X5M
X6F16, F86 (X6M)
i-Seriesi3, i8
Program Dashboard Model Speedometer Performance
1 * 6WA, 6WBSpeedometer works normally / Mileage is filtered completely.
2 * 6WA, 6WBSpeedometer works normally / Mileage is filtered at 90%
(e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 10).
3S6U3ASpeedometer works at 50% (e.g. 100 MPH will become 50) / Mileage is filtered at 50% (e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 50).
4S6U3A Speedometer works at 25% (e.g. 100 MPH will become 25) / Mileage is filtered at 75% (e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 25).
5S6U3A Speedometer works at 10% (e.g. 100 MPH will become 10) / Mileage is filtered at 90% (e.g. 100 miles will be counted as 10).
6S6U3A Speedometer does not work / Mileage is completely stopped.
7allTurn OFF

 * NOTE: This mode only works with vehicles that were not updated with 2019 ECU firmware!  

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