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CAN Immobilizer: an anti-theft security system for your car.

CAN Immobiliser is a security system for preventing car thievery and hijacking. The device is connected to the vehicle’s power supply and its digital CAN bus. To deactivate the security system, the car owner needs to enter a special code using standard buttons located on the steering wheel (cruise control button, BC button, etc.). Otherwise, the engine is blocked. Default PIN code is: 1-1-2. A successful PIN code entry is indicated by a flashing of the hazard lights on the instrument cluster.


  • SERVICE MODE. Service mode is used to disable the device.
  • ANTI-HIJACK MODE. The device will automatically re-active the security system after opening the door for 15 seconds. Needs to be programmed separately.
  • DISCRETE MODE. By connecting the second CAN bus interface allows the user to enter the PIN code using the window lifter buttons located on drivers door (or any other group of buttons normally hidden from the perpetrator's prying eyes) . *Available on select models.

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